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Your Office AC: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Upgrade

Sep 7

There are so many things business owners need to be concerned about these days. Most likely, your business AC replacement is not something you think about. If your AC has been causing problems all summer, it's a good idea to upgrade it immediately instead of waiting until the spring.

Although it might be tempting to wait until spring to fix your AC issues in the office, autumn and winter are the best times to purchase a new AC unit. You will learn the reasons why and how to get the best price.

Three reasons to replace your AC in the office this autumn and winter

These are why you should take action now to fix your air conditioner problems.

It's not too late to determine if you need a new AC office.

Your AC can fail during a heat wave, which can occur in March thanks to global warming. You have little time to ensure you are doing the right thing and replacing your AC. Is it possible to get more out of an old unit? Is a retrofit a more cost-effective option? You have the opportunity to find out.

You don't need to decide in a hurry. Instead, have an objective evaluation of the condition of your system. You might not get this from your existing HVAC vendor, especially if they don't do installations. They are making a profit every time your old AC unit fails.

A second opinion from an experienced commercial air conditioning company mesa az is in your best interests. This will ensure that they are skilled and knowledgeable about commercial air conditioning. You should look for one that handles repairs and installations as part of their business. This will ensure that they are impartial and have a good reputation. You can decide whether your AC should be repaired or replaced by the right service provider.

This helpful resource will help you decide whether to repair or replace your HVAC system. This guide will help you decide when your HVAC system goes down.

You have more time to explore equipment options and make informed decisions.

If replacing your AC in the office is the best choice, don't buy a brand new AC. This decision will be with you for at least 10 to 20 years. You have the opportunity to research the options and make the right decision in the fall and winter. Researching a commercial replacement air conditioner system is essential.

SYSTEM TYPE. New HVAC technology (such as VRF technology) is well-suited for office spaces. But you won't know these options if you're sticking with what you have.

SYSTEM SIZE OR CAPACITY. In the past, more significant was better when it came to air conditioning systems. Many spaces ended up with systems that were too big for their needs. We now know that large office AC units can cause extreme humidity levels and hot and cold spots and increase your energy bills.

The problem is worsened because offices are now more efficient, reducing AC load requirements. If your office AC unit is too large, which is most likely if it were installed more than 15 to 20 years ago, you would be even worse off if you replace it with the same capacity system as before. To determine the right system size for you, consult an expert.

HVAC DESIGN. It's not just about choosing the right office AC unit. The right HVAC system design is crucial. This includes the location and size of ducts as well as other ventilation. This is the time to ensure you are not only purchasing the correct unit but also a system that will provide consistent, reliable comfort for your office.

You have the opportunity to enjoy great pricing.

You are a manager or business owner, and you know the impact of demand on pricing. You'll be able to get a better price on an AC unit replacement in the off-season. There is less demand.

Suppliers may also have systems that weren't sold over the summer and are willing to sell them at a discount to make way for the new spring models. These deals are unlikely to be available if you wait until March as everyone wants you to buy the most expensive model. You'll also be in line with others trying to purchase an air conditioner before the first heat wave.

How to find the perfect office air conditioner that suits your needs

We have already mentioned that many new AC technologies are now available that can be more effective than your current split system or packaged unit for your office AC needs.

VRF systems, a new technology, are well-suited for offices. Here are a few reasons:

ZONED COOLING. It's much easier to set up custom cooling zones with VRF. A crowded conference room or computer area can provide more cooling than a sunny corner office.

QUIET OPERATION. The image is no longer blasting fans, making it hard to hear conversations on the phone!

ENERGY Efficiency. Office AC systems can be run under partial load conditions. This allows them to use less energy and lower their utility bills.

MODERN CONTROLS. A VRF system can provide the same controls for your office AC.

It can be challenging to understand all the product literature and choose the right one if you are not an HVAC professional. This is why you need an HVAC company that can be trusted to help you sort through all the options.

We recommend that you get started immediately. Here's where you can start: get your copy of this helpful resource on office AC options. The Ultimate Guide To NYC Light Commercial Air Conditioning.