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When to Replace Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Aug 6

A central air conditioner is a popular option for cooling multiple rooms simultaneously. This type of AC usually requires a hefty investment, with an average cost of $3000. Unfortunately, a central AC does not last forever despite the high price.

It’s typical to get a replacement once the central air conditioner stops working. However, waiting for this moment could actually put you in an uncomfortable position. And if you’re using the unit in a commercial building, an unexpected system breakdown can affect the operation.

Signs It’s Time to Get a Central AC Replacement

Before your air conditioner completely stops functioning, it will likely show signs of damage. Below is a list of common indications your AC is already on its last legs, and you’ll need to get AC replacement services in New Braunfels, TX sooner or later:

  1. Your air conditioner is 10 – 15 years old

Even if your decade-old air conditioner still cools your property, it would be best to start preparing a replacement. Air conditioning units do not last for a lifetime. Most of them can last for a decade or two, given they receive proper maintenance and care. Once they reach the end of the expected service life, they are likely to start developing problems that are costly to fix.

  1. You spend more money on repairs.

Air conditioning units will require repairs throughout their lifespan. Some repairs are affordable, while others can cost up to thousands of dollars. If you think you are paying too much for a repair, then it may be best for your comfort and budget to get an AC replacement in New Braunfels, TX instead. A central AC that requires a costly repair will likely malfunction again sooner or later. A central AC replacement is indeed costly. But it’s more economical than having your old, malfunctioning AC repaired frequently.

  1. Your electricity skyrockets.

An air conditioner that’s too old could be the reason behind your increasing electricity bill. As AC units age, they become less energy-efficient. They have to work harder just to cool a space, thereby consuming more energy and costing you more money on your electric bills. You may not notice it at first, but over time, the difference in your monthly statement will be significant.

  1. The ductwork is leaking.

Central air conditioners use ductwork to distribute the air in different parts of your home. It can develop holes and cracks, allowing dust, debris, and even pests to enter. So if you notice a seemingly constant supply of dust, you have to get your ductwork checked. You might be able to fix the issue with a repair, but for a reliable solution, talk to a trusted, reputable AC replacement company in New Braunfels, TX.

Be Careful in Choosing an HVAC Contractor

An air conditioner is a massive investment. So when it comes to replacing your old unit, you want to ensure the right people handle it.

These days, finding an HVAC contractor is pretty easy. You can do it quickly. However, you need to be careful and not hire the first contractor you come across because there’s always the risk of getting scammed. The HVAC industry isn’t safe, just like everywhere. There are companies waiting to get your business and rip you off.

But don’t worry because you can find the one you’re looking for with the right knowledge and resources. It will require some time and effort, though.

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