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Why Is Your Heating System's Airflow Getting Weaker Day By Day

Jun 24

heating repairThe winter in Colorado Springs can be brutal. The temperatures outside can reach -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind chill can make it feel even colder. Your heating system is your lifeline during these cold months, providing warmth and comfort to your home. But what happens when your furnace's airflow starts to weaken? In this blog post, you will know why this happens and how you can fix it.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Does Not Blow Enough Conditioned Warm Air 

When the winter starts, you only want one thing: an efficient and functional heating unit. But sometimes, things might not go as planned. Your furnace might not be blowing enough air, and you would be left feeling cold. This can happen for a number of reasons:

The Filter is Clogged
Your heating appliance not only provides warmth to your home but also cleans the air inside because of the filter. The purpose of the filter is to get rid of the dust, pollen, and other airborne particles that can cause respiratory problems. Over time, it can get clogged with dirt and debris, which will restrict the airflow and make your furnace work harder.

Change the filter regularly for your furnace to keep you and your family safe and comfortable throughout the winter. It is recommended to replace it every month or two.  but for more information, you can ask for help from a company with a professional heating repair Colorado Springs, CO under their belts. 

Tripped Circuit Breakers
Many homeowners feel frustrated and disappointed when their circuit breakers trip. However, this happens for a good reason- to prevent further damage to your electrical system. If the furnace is drawing too much power, the circuit breaker will trip to prevent an electrical fire.

But if it happens more often than usual, that's something you cannot take lightly. Frequent trips may indicate that your furnace is too old or is not the right size for your home. In this case, you need to upgrade to a new and more powerful unit.

Blocked Vents and Registers
Vents and registers are vital for the proper airflow of your furnace. They help distribute the heat evenly throughout your home. But if they are blocked by furniture or other objects, the airflow will be weaker, and your unit will have to work harder to heat your space, which can lead to higher energy bills.

Inadequate Insulation
What if your filter and circuit breakers are in good working condition, but your furnace is still not blowing enough air? The problem might be with your insulation. If your home is not adequately insulated, the heat will escape through the cracks and gaps. This will give your heating system a difficult time maintaining your desired temperature.

Check the insulation of your home and upgrade it if necessary. But you do not have to deal with the process on your own as a task such as this requires experience and advanced tools and equipment. An HVAC contractor with professional heating repair Colorado Springs, CO has you covered.

Importance of a Thorough Inspection from a Certified and Licensed Technician 

There are a lot of factors that can affect the airflow of your furnace. To identify the root cause of the problem, it is best to have a thorough inspection from a fully trained and experienced technician.

Having your furnace checked by a professional annually can prevent minor problems from becoming big and expensive to repair. This will also ensure that your unit is running at peak efficiency, especially when you need it the most.

Enjoy Reliable Heating Performance From Your Unit With Clarks Mechanical

When your furnace is not blowing enough air, it's normal to feel frustrated and disappointed. But you don't have to feel that way for long as the solution is just a phone call away.

At Clarks Mechanical, they will respond to your call promptly and provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. They have the experience and expertise to quickly identify the root cause of the problem and provide you with a service that caters to your needs and requirements.

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