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Heating Problems You Should Not Leave Unattended for Too Long 

Jun 23

furnace repairWinter is one of the much-awaited seasons of the year in Clemmons. This is when you can sit back in your chair, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the snowfall outside your window.

However, this is also the time when your furnace will be working overtime to make sure that you and your family are warm and comfortable indoors. While furnaces are built to last, they are not invincible. Like any other mechanical device, they will eventually break down and need to be repaired.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Professional and Immediate Attention

But not everyone knows when their furnace is already acting up and in dire need of repair. As a result, some homeowners end up neglecting their heating equipment, which can lead to more costly repairs in the future.

To help you out, here are some of the signs that you should look out for:

Weak Pilot Light
Your furnace comes with a pilot light, which is responsible for igniting the main burner. Usually, it is a small blue flame, and when it is flickering and turns yellow, it needs to be relit or replaced.

And a task like this cannot be a do-it-yourself project even if you have prior experience. With your limited tools and equipment, you can get injured or make the situation worse. So, nothing can beat the services of a contractor with vast expertise in furnace repair Clemmons, NC.

Malfunctioning Blower Belt
The blower belt is a crucial part of the furnace as it helps move the cold air from outside and into your home. It also regulates the speed at which the blower moves.

But since the heating system runs 24/7 throughout the wintertime, your blower belt will also experience a lot of wear and tear. And without proper upkeep, it is likely to get frayed and eventually snap.

If this happens, the blower will no longer function, and your home will be filled with cold air. Not to mention, the broken belt can also damage other parts of the heating system, which you can prevent with professional furnace repair Clemmons, NC.

Cracked Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger is one of the most delicate parts of your furnace. It is where the burning of fuel takes place to generate heat. However, this component can develop cracks due to corrosion. Eventually, these will turn into holes, and harmful gases like carbon monoxide will leak into your home.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you will not be able to detect its presence right away. But when inhaled in large quantities, it can cause serious health problems like headaches, dizziness, and even death. If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately move to a well-ventilated area and call a technician for immediate furnace repair Clemmons, NC.

Frequent Cycling
A quality heating system cycles around once every hour to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If it turns on and off more frequently than usual, there is definitely something wrong with it.

This could be caused by a clogged air filter or a closed damper. But regardless of the cause, this problem should not be left unfixed for too long as it can put a strain on the unit and shorten its lifespan. Remember that there are furnace repair Clemmons, NC contractors that are just a phone call away!

Contact an Expert Furnace Repair Clemons, NC Today! 

Is your furnace already showing any of these signs? Don’t wait for it to break down entirely before you contact the pros at Blown Away HVAC for a reliable furnace repair Clemmons, NC. The earlier you catch the problem, the easier and cheaper it will be to fix. From a blower belt replacement to fixing a cracked heat exchanger, their experts can do it all. Call them today at 336-559-4281.