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Nov 7

Myths of Air Duct Cleaning

It is possible to believe that regular maintenance of your air ducts can ensure that you get the most efficient heating or cooling and will avoid costly repairs. But, most of the time it's the opposite.


Cleaning Your Ducts

Some homeowners believe that by using a vacuum cleaner as well as a long dust broom, they can clean their ducts on their own. This is not a good idea. Duct cleaning colorado springs isn't a DIY project. You should only hire a professional who is certified and has access to the right tools and equipment.


For cleaning air ducts, a high-end roto-bristol brush machine is employed with HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum. The brush runs through the ducts several times, starting at the furthest duct run away from the furnace.


The technician should start at the farthest end of the duct and continue to run the machine through each run several times to eliminate dirt and dirt. Then, a thorough furnace and indoor coil clean is recommended to ensure that all dust and dirt have been eliminated.


The Realities of Duct Cleaning


Elevation Mechanical LLC offers air duct cleaning in the Colorado springs when necessary. However, a few common misconceptions about duct cleaning should be uncovered before deciding if cleaning ducts is the best option to keep your HVAC functioning properly.


1. Cleaning the ducts will increase airflow.


False. Duct cleaning is not an option for long-term solutions for those who have issues with air movement hot or cold patches or an absence of cooling or heating your home. It is only microscopic particles that can be removed from your duct system by duct cleaning. It won't alter the duct's layout, improve airflow or even rebalance the duct system. You will not be able to plug any holes in the ducts with cleaning.


A professional-conducted Flow Hood test to measure the amount of air pushed through your HVAC system, as well as a thorough duct examination, are required to resolve airflow concerns adequately. The following are some examples of possible solutions:


2. Ducts should be cleaned at least every 3 to 5 years.


Not in the least. Although air duct cleaning may be necessary to remove particulates that interfere with HVAC operations It shouldn't be an issue that happens every couple of years. Regular HVAC maintenance does not include duct cleaning. If the ductwork in your home has been properly sealed, you do not need to clean it. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer to replace your filters. To eliminate dust buildup you should vacuum the floor registers at least every six months.

3. Cleaning the ducts can eliminate all odors as well as mold.


No, definitely not. Absolutely not. Duct cleaning on its own does not eliminate odors from the HVAC system. Some companies provide temporary solutions by using a microbial spray within their duct cleaning service. You'll soon have the scents back!


Spraying fragrances don't remove the source of the odor. In order to completely eliminate the odors, it is necessary to first eliminate the source. Here are some instances:


  • Rodents

  • The remains of pets' waste, such as feces or fur

  • The ductwork that's not properly sealed may allow air from outside to enter your crawl space or attic.

  • Mold growth or moisture build-up

  • Cleaning ducts with air can eliminate particles from the air. It doesn't get rid of the things that cause them. Once the odors have been eliminated, think about adding or upgrading your air filtration system to help keep the air inside your home healthy and fresh.


4. They won't suffer damage by cleansing the air ducts.


It is certainly possible! Certain kinds of ducting are more prone to being damaged more than others. Before you start cleaning your ducts, be sure that you have these:


Flexible ductwork is made up of a spring that is wrapped in a thin film of plastic. This plastic-like material is covered in insulation, which stops heat from entering or exiting the duct. The exterior cover that wraps around the duct. Because of the heat in attics or on the walls of your house, the fragile film of plastic that surrounds the spring can become even fragile over time. During cleaning, this sort of ducting can be the most susceptible to being damaged. The more ductwork that is older the higher the chance it will be damaged.


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